MCS-ICS  Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society  

About the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society MCS-ICS

The MCS-ICS builds an interdisciplinary bridge between chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmacy by organizing and fostering the interaction between medicinal chemists in academia, industry and drug dispensing institutions, in an independent association devoted to education,research and development of medicinal chemistry through meetings and work.

The MCS-ICS is a National Adhering Organization of the European Federation of Medicinal chemistry (EFMC), participates in various activities within this organization, and sustains strong links with other member scientific societies.
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11th Meeting of The MCS-ICS (2013)

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Call for Sponsors 2015-2016 Call for Sponsors 2015-2016

We are inviting sponsorship from academia, businesses, and government agencies. Various levels of sponsorship are possible. Based on the sponsorship level, the sponsor will have access to opportunities for advertising and/or displaying their produces, making presentations and a number of free registrations to symposiums.

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