MCS-ICS  Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society  

Hot Papers from MCS-ICS

1. Abu Ammar, A., Raveendran, R., Gibson, D., Nassar, T., and Benita, S. (2016) A Lipophilic Pt(IV) Oxaliplatin Derivative Enhances Antitumor Activity, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 59, 9035-9046.

2. Amara, N., Gregor, R., Rayo, J., Dandela, R., Daniel, E., Liubin, N., Willems, H. M. E., Ben-Zvi, A., Krom, B. P., and Meijler, M. M. (2016) Fine-Tuning Covalent Inhibition of Bacterial Quorum Sensing, Chembiochem 17, 825-835.

3. Chandra, K., Das, P., Mamidi, S., Hurevich, M., Iosub-Amir, A., Metanis, N., Reches, M., and Friedler, A. (2016) Covalent Inhibition of HIV-1 Integrase by N-Succinimidyl Peptides, Chemmedchem 11, 1987-1994.

4. Gilad, Y., Firer, M., and Gellerman, G. (2016) Recent Innovations in Peptide Based Targeted Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells, Biomedicines 4.

5. Halperin, A., Shadkchan, Y., Pisarevsky, E., Szpilman, A. M., Sandovsky, H., Osherov, N., and Benhar, I. (2016) Novel Water-Soluble Amphotericin B-PEG Conjugates with Low Toxicity and Potent in Vivo Efficacy, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 59, 1197-1206.

6. Mawasi, H., Bibi, D., and Bialer, M. (2016) Design and comparative anticonvulsant activity assessment of CNS-active alkyl-carbamoyl imidazole derivatives, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 24, 4246-4253.

7. Raveendran, R., Braude, J. P., Wexselblatt, E., Novohradsky, V., Stuchlikova, O., Brabec, V., Gandin, V., and Gibson, D. (2016) Pt(IV) derivatives of cisplatin and oxaliplatin with phenylbutyrate axial ligands are potent cytotoxic agents that act by several mechanisms of action, Chemical Science 7, 2381-2391.