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Hot Papers from MCS-ICS

[1] Belostozky, A., Richman, M., Lisniansky, E., Tovchygrechko, A., Chill, J. H., and Rahimipour, S. (2018) Inhibition of tau-derived hexapeptide aggregation and toxicity by a self-assembled cyclic D,L-alpha-peptide conformational inhibitor, Chemical Communications 54, 5980-5983.

[2] Benhamou, R. I., Bibi, M., Berman, J., and Fridman, M. (2018) Localizing Antifungal Drugs to the Correct Organelle Can Markedly Enhance their Efficacy, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 6230-6235.

[3] Benhamou, R. I., Jaber, Q. Z., Herzog, I. M., Roichman, Y., and Fridman, M. (2018) Fluorescent Tracking of the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Live Pathogenic Fungal Cells, Acs Chemical Biology 13, 3325-3332.

[4] David, S., Mandabi, A., Uzi, S., Aharoni, A., and Meijler, M. M. (2018) Mining Plants for Bacterial Quorum Sensing Modulators, Acs Chemical Biology 13, 247-252.

[5] Faust, O., Grunhaus, D., Shimshon, O., Yavin, E., and Friedler, A. (2018) Protein Regulation by Intrinsically Disordered Regions: A Role for Subdomains in the IDR of the HIV-1 Rev Protein, Chembiochem 19, 1618-1624.

[6] Finberg, J. P. M., Schwartz, M., Jeries, R., Badarny, S., Nakhleh, M. K., Abu Daoud, E., Ayubkhanov, Y., Aboud-Hawa, M., Broza, Y. Y., and Haick, H. (2018) Sensor Array for Detection of Early Stage Parkinson's Disease before Medication, Acs Chemical Neuroscience 9, 2548-2553.

[7] Frenkel-Pinter, M., Richman, M., Belostozky, A., Abu-Mokh, A., Gazit, E., Rahimipour, S., and Segal, D. (2018) Distinct Effects of O-GlcNAcylation and Phosphorylation of a Tau-Derived Amyloid Peptide on Aggregation of the Native Peptide, Chemistry-a European Journal 24, 14039-14043.

[8] Ganot, N., Briaitbard, O., Gammal, A., Tam, J., Hochman, J., and Tshuva, E. Y. (2018) In Vivo Anticancer Activity of a Nontoxic Inert Phenolato Titanium Complex: High Efficacy on Solid Tumors Alone and Combined with Platinum Drugs, Chemmedchem 13, 2290-2296.

[9] Gnaim, S., Green, O., and Shabat, D. (2018) The emergence of aqueous chemiluminescence: new promising class of phenoxy 1,2-dioxetane luminophores, Chemical Communications 54, 2073-2085.

[10] Jaber, Q. Z., Benhamou, R. I., Herzog, I. M., Ben Baruch, B., and Fridman, M. (2018) Cationic Amphiphiles Induce Macromolecule Denaturation and Organelle Decomposition in Pathogenic Yeast, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 16391-16395.

[11] Kalman, T. Z., Khalandovsky, R., Gonikman, E. T., and Bercovici, M. (2018) Monitoring Dissociation Kinetics during Electrophoretic Focusing to Enable High-Specificity Nucleic Acid Detection, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 3343-3348.

[12] Kviatkovski, I., Yarnitzky, T., Shushan, S., Schwartz-Harari, O., Nir-Paz, R., and Helman, Y. (2018) A bacterial biosensor encoding a genetically modified LuxR receptor exhibits improved detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa's biomarker molecule 2-aminoacetophenone, Chemical Communications 54, 9218-9221.

[13] Lankri, D., Haham, D., Lahiani, A., Lazarovici, P., and Tsvelikhovsky, D. (2018) Methylene-Cycloalkylacetate (MCA) Scaffold-Based Compounds as Novel Neurotropic Agents, Acs Chemical Neuroscience 9, 691-698.

[14] Malishev, R., Arad, E., Bhunia, S. K., Shaham-Niv, S., Kolusheva, S., Gazit, E., and Jelinek, R. (2018) Chiral modulation of amyloid beta fibrillation and cytotoxicity by enantiomeric carbon dots, Chemical Communications 54, 7762-7765.

[15] Meledin, R., Mali, S. M., Kleifeld, O., and Brik, A. (2018) Activity-Based Probes Developed by Applying a Sequential Dehydroalanine Formation Strategy to Expressed Proteins Reveal alpha-Potential-Globin-Modulating Deubiquitinase, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 5645-5649.

[16] Petruzzella, E., Sirota, R., Solazzo, I., Gandin, V., and Gibson, D. (2018) Triple action Pt(IV) derivatives of cisplatin: a new class of potent anticancer agents that overcome resistance, Chemical Science 9, 4299-4307.

[17] Ragozin, E., Hesin, A., Bazylevich, A., Tuchinsky, H., Bovina, A., Zahavi, T. S., Oron-Herman, M., Kostenich, G., Firer, M. A., Rubinek, T., Wolf, I., Luboshits, G., Sherman, M. Y., and Gellerman, G. (2018) New somatostatin-drug conjugates for effective targeting pancreatic cancer, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 26, 3825-3836.

[18] Ruderfer, I., Shulman, A., Kizhner, T., Azulay, Y., Nataf, Y., Tekoah, Y., and Shaaltiel, Y. (2018) Development and Analytical Characterization of Pegunigalsidase Alfa, a Chemically Cross-Linked Plant Recombinant Human alpha-Galactosidase-A for Treatment of Fabry Disease, Bioconjugate Chemistry 29, 1630-1639.

[19] Shaham-Niv, S., Arnon, Z. A., Sade, D., Lichtenstein, A., Shirshin, E. A., Kolusheva, S., and Gazit, E. (2018) Intrinsic Fluorescence of Metabolite Amyloids Allows Label-Free Monitoring of Their Formation and Dynamics in Live Cell, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 12444-12447.

[20] Trifonov, L., Afri, M., Palczewski, K., Korshin, E. E., and Gruzman, A. (2018) An Expedient Synthesis of CMF-019: (S)-5-Methyl-3-{1-(pentan-3-yl)-2-(thiophen-2-ylmethyl)-1H-benzo d imida zole-5-carboxamido}hexanoic Acid, a Potent Apelin Receptor (APJ) Agonist, Medicinal Chemistry 14, 688-694.

[21] Trifonov, L., Nudelman, V., Zhenin, M., Matsree, E., Afri, M., Schmerling, B., Cohen, G., Jozwiak, K., Weitman, M., Korshin, E., Senderowitz, H., Shainberg, A., Hochhauser, E., and Gruzman, A. (2018) Structurally Simple, Readily Available Peptidomimetic 1-Benzy1-5-methyl-4-(n-octylamino)pyrinnidin-2(1H)-one Exhibited Efficient Cardioprotection in a Myocardial Ischemia (MI) Mouse Model, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61, 11309-11326.

[22] Tsvirkun, D., Ben-Nun, Y., Merquiol, E., Zlotver, I., Meir, K., Weiss-Sadan, T., Matok, I., Popovtzer, R., and Blum, G. (2018) CT Imaging of Enzymatic Activity in Cancer Using Covalent Probes Reveal a Size-Dependent Pattern, Journal of the American Chemical Society 140, 12010-12020.

[23] Yehuda, A., Slamti, L., Bochnik-Tamir, R., Malach, E., Lereclus, D., and Hayouka, Z. (2018) Turning off Bacillus cereus quorum sensing system with peptidic analogs, Chemical Communications 54, 9777-9780.

[24] Zeeli, S., Weill, T., Finkin-Groner, E., Bejar, C., Melamed, M., Furman, S., Zhenin, M., Nudelman, A., and Weinstock, M. (2018) Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Derivatives of Indoline as Highly Potent Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Agents, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61, 4004-4019.

[25] Zelikman, V., Pelletier, J., Simhaev, L., Sela, A., Gendron, F. P., Arguin, G., Senderowitz, H., Sevigny, J., and Fischer, B. (2018) Highly Selective and Potent Ectonucleotide Pyrophosphatase-1 (NPP1) Inhibitors Based on Uridine 5 '-P-alpha,P-alpha-Dithiophosphate Analogues, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61, 3939-3951.

[26] Chen, W. H., Liao, W. C., Sohn, Y. S., Fadeev, M., Cecconello, A., Nechushtai, R., and Willner, I. (2018) Stimuli-Responsive Nucleic Acid-Based Polyacrylamide Hydrogel-Coated Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Release, Advanced Functional Materials 28.

[27] Fridman, M., Benhamou, R. I., Bibi, M., and Berman, J. (2018) Localizing Antifungal Drugs to the Correct Organelle can Markedly Enhance their Efficacy, Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English).

[28] Ganot, N., and Tshuva, E. Y. (2018) In vitro combinations of inert phenolato Ti(IV) complexes with clinically employed anticancer chemotherapy: synergy with oxaliplatin on colon cells, Rsc Advances 8, 5822-5827.

[29] Nnadi, C. I., Jenkins, M. L., Gentile, D. R., Bateman, L. A., Zaidman, D., Balius, T. E., Nomura, D. K., Burke, J. E., Shokat, K. M., and London, N. (2018) Novel K-Ras G12C Switch-II Covalent Binders Destabilize Ras and Accelerate Nucleotide Exchange, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 58, 464-471.