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NCK prize

NCK prize
We are pleased and excited to announce the inauguration of the NCK prize for outstanding Israeli Medicinal Chemists from academia.
NCK ( is a Danish research and drug-development company (founded in 1956) that is focused on organic chemistry syntheses at various synthetic scales.
The award will be given this year, for the first time, to a young Medicinal Chemist at the 16th annual conference of the MCS-ICS (June 19th 2019). "Young" refers to a scientist either under the age of 45 or who holds an independent faculty position for less than 10 years.
Female scientists in the "Young Medicinal Chemist" category are eligible to an extra year per child birth during their independent carrier.
Together with the ICS, the NCK prize will be given in alternating years to a young and to a well-established medicinal chemist, respectively.